About Me

I have been a photographer as long as I can remember. My dad gave me my first camera , a Kodak 126 Instamatic, when I was very young, and I still have a few of the images I shot with that. They’re as good as can be expected from a kid with an Instamatic. My first “real” camera, a Yashica rangefinder of some sort, didn’t last long before it went to the Big Camera Graveyard in the Sky. It wasn’t until 1987 that I was able to purchase my next “first” camera, a Cosina CT1 Super. I still have this camera, and use it — for all its plasticky cheapness, it’s been a real workhorse, traveling with me to Japan, Hawaii, Korea, California, Maryland, England, and now Arizona.

In 2001, I decided to make my hobby into a business, and in the ensuing years I have been blessed by wisdom from some of the finest photographic artists in the business. I do not specialize in any particular subject or kind of photography, mainly because I am interested in all aspects of the art; I have photographed over a hundred weddings and countless portrait sessions, and there are hundreds of thousands of other images on my hard drives of everything from rodeo to aviation portraiture. By 2014, however, I had been shooting so much for others that I was beginning to feel a little bit lost in my photography. I took a step back, stopped advertising, and for the most part put down my digital cameras. I opened up my display cabinet, reached in, and drew out my First: the Cosina. 

The solid click of the Cosina’s shutter was carthartic; suddenly, all the millions of images on my hard drives felt somehow like someone else’s work. and I began the process of falling in love once again with photography. But this time it would be different — a different rabbit hole to follow, and a different kind of art. A little more technical, perhaps, experimental in other ways, some successes and some failures, but always a learning experience. I’m not sure where this particular rabbit hole is taking me, but it’s already been quite a journey, and I invite you to come with me along the way, whether for a short time or for the duration.  It’s going to be fun.