Back Focus by 2Life Photography

One of the huge joys in life for me is getting an old camera working and using it. I don’t know how many of my cameras I have repaired, but I’ve become pretty good at reconditioning round shutters and doing other odds and ends to keep them shooting.

My first shutter was a Compur off of a Voigtlander folding camera of some sort; I don’t remember what model it is, and though I still have it, the bellows are shot and so it lives in the garage in a box. The shutter was really, really slow and the glass fogged and full of fungus, so I figured if it’s already broken or inoperable, I can’t make it much more broken or inoperable.

It took me a few hours of very careful poking and prodding and experimenting with levers and springs and the inner workings of the shutter to figure out how it works, but I now have a working Compur to use. This got me excited about working on these beautiful machines, and encouraged me to tinker.

I have done a number of repairs and cleanings for customers, but I do not profess to know everything about camera repairs. That said, when I take on a job, I am particular about not sending it out into the world until I am certain it works as it should.

Please contact me for more information about camera repairs.