Hyperfocus refers to perceived focus in a photograph, and its result is often called depth of field. A camera lens can only truly focus on a very narrow plane, so a photographer uses lens choice and aperture to give the viewer the perception that more of the image — front to back — is actually in focus than just plane of focus.  In this section, I plan to explore far past just the surface of the subject, deep-diving into all other aspects of photography surrounding a subject. 

The 120 Project

120 film has been around for over 120 years, and still remains the best tradeoff between image quality and negative size.

Scanner Stories

Experiments with a scanner that grew out of a series of discussions and arguments in film photography forums on Facebook.

120 vs 220

Busting Myths about the effects of shooting120 film in cameras, inserts, and backs made for 220

The Mighty 300

Why do so many photographers fixate on the numbner 300? What does it really mean?