Rust in Peace

In our modern, disposable world, most people don’t even notice the old car squatting on flat tires in a side lot as it slowly decays. If they do notice, they purse their lips in disapproval at the eyesore as they drive to soccer practice or yoga class, or call the city to complain that the owner is dragging down the neighborhood.

But these objects once were new, important, and a source of pride for someone. And even though they have lived their useful life, they can still be beautiful.

The City

Attempting to photograph images that blast through my mind when I listen to the Vangelis album “The City.” This project has been in the works for a decade and I still feel I’m no closer to being done with it.

Sometimes we choose the most difficult paths for ourselves, and lay impossible tasks. Is this one of them?

Build Something

Some years ago I got an assignment to construct something and photograph it. This was so much fun that I have off and on continued to do this. This project isn’t really a project, per se, but more a collection of photographs of constructions shot in a different way and assorted ideas that I am trying out, whether they succeed or fail.

Said the camera to the photographer, “Do you see what I see?”

Have Camera, Will Travel

I love road trips. Because unlike most, I rarely am afflicted with even a mild case of “get-there-itis.” I have only one rule when traveling with others, especially photographers: If you want to stop and take a photo, say so, and we will stop. My travel photos are quite different to most.

The only really bad photographs are the ones which are not taken.